I explored Australasia and lost myself in Indonesia. I hitchhiked more than 40,000 km and spent hundreds days through deserts, roads, rainforests, villages, lifestyles. I took photos of the untouched nature and notes of my adventures. I found myself in the middle of nowhere and learnt a lot out of my confort zone, fighting the elements and crash testing my resiliency. I'm currently discovering Europe...

Photography is my exploration tool in a way to widen our horizon toward remote wilderness.

I prove with photos that the most beautiful things are natural. But photos do not keep snow on tops, native forests with its wildlife, crystal clear rivers, pure mountain lakes, etc. I am not the example to follow but I do not act to greenwash myself and feel responsible, I just act.

It’s up to us to think and act sustainably so that beauty is beyond all and nature perpetual.

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