Last Minute Tramping Trip

Summer 2020

A sudden volte-face in the Covid-19 restrictions changed my summer holidays. I only had one day to shift my plan. I switched over the French Alps: a 9-day solo-tramping trip in the Écrins National Park.

My Next Adventure


Would you like to discover another adventure? I'm planning a solo expedition and your support will motivate me enough to share the story with detailed interactive maps, hi-res pictures, etc.

Southeastern France


My best weekend tramping trips in the country. Pictures, tracks, story, altogether in a scrollytelling map.

Optimal Tramper’s Cuisine

Basically, I like tramping and eating. Enjoying both is the ultimate experience. I cook couscous and nice meals in the middle of nowhere, bake scones and pancakes, drink decent café au lait, all based on dried, lightweight, long lasting, and compact ingredients. Here you have tips and recipes for tasty multi-day trips with no compromise! I have also done a nutritional analysis.

Whitish Dusk

Winter 2019-20

Winter tramping in rough wilderness, deal with the unknown, nothing much to expect but to live a pure adventure or leave a nightmare.

Exploration of New Zealand


A few steps further into New Zealand, learning more about the backcountry culture and lifestyle, tramping harder, challenging both my body and my mind like never before.

Lost Hitchhiker


I just graduated from uni and I have decided to discover the world before to taking part. So I got my heavy backpack and crossed Australia, New Zealand and lost myself in Indonesia. I hitchhiked 27,000 km and spent 202 days through deserts, roads, rainforests, villages, lifestyles in order to find myself. This travel has changed my life forever. I was in a bad mood before the trip and I found the way to a fairly sustainable life. That would not be possible without all the friendly people I met on the road. I am not a writer, do not expect poetry but a true story from a guy who is like everyone but share everything.


Summer 2019

12 days solo-tramping the Pyrenees, a mountain range between France and Spain, and 12 nights in my tent. The challenge was physical: the daily elevation – 2,800 m – with a heavy load and some unexpected vertical sections – carrying all my food.

Heaven's Door